BattleHeart Cheats

So you’re playing Battleheart and you’ve been into it for the longest time, but somehow you feel inadequate when it comes to the level of your characters as well as the amount of gold that you have. Sometimes you wish that there was something you could do to instantly get all the things you want for your characters and play this game like a boss. A couple of very closely-guarded secrets is that you can actually hack the game and get as much gold as you want and even “adjust” the level of your characters to what you want it to be. So let’s get right into it:

BattleHeart Cheats

The most important thing to have before you begin hacking the game is to download an app called “iFile” for your iOS device. This app allows you to edit what you want in the game by simply manipulating or changing values inside the text files. Make sure that you have iFIle first before you can proceed to the cheats. Once you have the app, go to the Battleheart title and press edit so that you may be able to change values as well as texts. Go to “library” followed by “mobile” and proceed to “applications”. This is where you will be able to find the game’s files. Go to the library and enter “preferences” in which you will be able to see a file that says “battleheart.plist”. Now you will be able to hack for gold.

Once in the text file, find the line that has the word “gold” in it. Below that line would be a word that says “integer” and followed by a numerical value. This is the actual gold that you have in the game as of the present. Simply remove the numbers and replace it with “99999” before saving what you have done. Now, once you go back to the game, you will have the amount of gold you wrote in the text file.

Another hack for the game using the same elements written above is to change the level of the character you want to improve. Go to the same text file and find the name of the character whose level you want to change. By finding the name, you will be able to find below it a phrase with integer written at the beginning as well as the end. In the middle is a numerical value, which is the current level of said character. So for instance if the level is just 10, you can edit that and replace it with 99. When you go back to playing the game, the character will have level 99 already.

By the way, you do not need to have your iOS or Android device “jailbroken” in order to use the hacks listed above. There might be some cheats available for such condition of gadgets but in this case, all you will need is the iFile app which does not require you to tamper with your unit’s system. Use the cheats only when you really need to, its funner to play BattleHeart regularly, and way more challenging. Although it will help you win the game, it still takes teamwork for Battleheart to be fun!